Monday, August 3, 2009

My First Post... A Day to Remember

This is Danny...
So today I found a few interesting ladies. The first one was a lady on her driveway and as I approachedd her and said, hey mam, how ya doin, my boss just sent me around to talk w/ some of the homeowners", she said right away, "not interested"… well, she had no idea what I was actually doing, as is the case many times, so I said,"well, just so you know…" and continued on w/ my approach, well when I had completed a few sentences she said, pointing to her home, "I've got a german shepard in there that will tear your face off, no thank you." that last part was said while not looking at me and walking up to her house… haha… she was like 60 years old… telling me her dog is going to rip my face off… haha, so I told her to have a good afternoon and continued on my way.
Latter on that evening, after getting a sale and meeting some nice people, I met the second fun lady of the day… As I was approaching a house these two kids, around 5-6 came out of the side door to the house followed by an older lady- the grandma. So I began walking up the driveway as they started walking down, and I said "hey mam, how ya doin?" she said nothing, so I assumed she just hadn't heard me yet and walked a few more steps as she came further down the driveway, and said it again… to this she quickly said, "not interested" in her light german/austrian accent. Again, like with the previously lady, I said "well, just so you know what I'm doing-" but she cut me off and said "ok, you can skip this house and move on" I was like "oh, ok, well have a good evening" to which she didn't even make eye contact nor say anything all while holding the hand of each of her grandchildren. Well, I wanted her to tell me bye, or to have a nice evening… you know, just be polite… so I said it again "have a good one, enjoy your evening" … silently she walked away from me… wow, she's not like my grandmas! As I left I kind of hoped I would cross her path while she was out on her little strole, so I saw her go into a little circle across the street and figured she would just make her way around it and come out, so I knocked a few more doors on her side and then went in the side that she would be coming out on… hehe… and sure enough, there she came. I put a big smile on my face as I we got closer, and in the most cheerful voice I could, I said, "oh, hey it's you again, hi!" she just glared at me… so as we were almost passing I continued to smile at her, and said, "you can smile ya know!" (in a very friendly voice), to that her response was priceless… remember she had her two grandkids in each hand… she looked at me, scrunched up her face a bit and gave out what I think was supposed to be a condesending snicker/fake laugh… HAHAHA! I almost burst out laughing. She was so unfriendly! And yet SO humerous, she has no idea! She must have detested me or something. I was just trying to get her to smile and be happy… it was a really nice evening out. Oh, the people I've met out here...

Skim Boarding, Body Surfing, and a new hair do!


our pals the Nethercotts

the street that the church is on is named after us

Things I've Learned to Love about Virginia

  • Fireflies- its a big deal between me and Danny to call the first fire fly of the night (like shot gun) winner gets bragging rights.

  • Dough rises amazingly here! We have enjoyed some delicious treats and pizzas due to this.
  • If sweating is really good for you... we are a couple of healthy horses. Today t is 97% humidity and 97 degrees.
  • We live close to SO much history. 10 miles down the road from downtown DC.
  • We've made some really great friends out here.

  • Everything is so green! There are so many trees and shrubbery. And it rained probably 85% of May and June. I feel like I am in the northwest. I am always afraid that Edward Cullen is going to pop out and bite me.

  • the beach is just as fun out here as it is on the west coast.
  • There is the greatest VAST diversity of people from all over the world with all different ideas, beliefs, and vocations here. Quite the contrast from good ol Provo.

  • We have a brand new, sanitary apartment... also quite the contrast from good ol Provo.

  • There is always something to explore here. It has been such an adventure.

  • We've learned some great skills out here including but not limited to: selling, rigging up things, mastering the art of resourcefullness (i.e. figuring out how to get away with not having plates, bowls, or any kitchen utensils for 3 months), memorization (i think i have every episode of the Office memorized...), self reliance, dependence on each other, etc.

It has been a really great experience.

We are excited to come home next week!!!