Sunday, March 31, 2013


Easter 2011: 
Destination: Xiushan, China 
What we did: went to work: aka taught English that day. We couldn't explain the real meaning behind Easter, but we did talk about the easter bunny (chinese people love rabbits..) and dyed eggs (and hind site.. i'm sure these kids were like, what the freak are we dying these eggs for??)
Favorite part of the day: one of my little guys (Otis) was super excited about eating his boiled egg. So excited in fact, that he just bit it right in half, and munched down, shell and all. 

Desitnation: Miami, FL 
What we did: had a big cafe rio dinner with our friends @ the beach, took a 2-3 hour bike ride up and down A1A 

Destination: Solitude ski resort, Utah
What we did: skied/boarded, easter egg hunt, hung with fam 
Favorite part: when Hope had to find a clue behind the desk of the ski repair shop, shamelessly sporting her sweet nighty. 

Couple of shots from my walk this morning:

Friday, March 29, 2013

Mason Jennings, Law School Ball

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to score tickets to the mason jennings concert. 
 Despite our faces there actually wasnt any weed at this concert. 

 Derek did a nice job of getting us up close. Not pictured-- Danny & Aly 

I've been to quite a few shows in my day. This one might have been my favorite-- definitely in the top 5. 
There are few artists who actually sound better live than they do on track. Mason is one of them. 
His lyrics are transcending.  
There was a moment in the show, he sang  The Field 
where everyone just kind of stopped and let the words really sink in. 

And last night my school had its annual Barrister's ball-- dinner, awards, and dancing too boot. I had no idea that law students (and professors.. and deans..) could get down the way they did.

With the Brummers-- best dressed couple of all time. See for yourself.

Headed off to Solitiude for this Easter weekend.
Two weeks til finals!