Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm So Excited!

And I just can't hide it!

Really. I am so excited I could burst. Here are some things I/we have to look forward to in the coming weeks:

- "A lot of people go to school for 7 years"   "Yeah, they're called doctors."
That's right! In exactly 3 days of class, we will kiss working on our undergraduate degrees goodbye! It was a quick 5.5 years.

- Jaron & Jess & my most favorite squashies in all the land are coming to town tonight! And my prospects for babysitting the munchkins on Saturday is looking pretty good!

-  We will be celebrating our own Christmas with just the two of us tomorrow night/fri morning and I will finally get to play with this: 

isn't it dreamy??

- We will have our 2nd Christmas with some friends in our ward on the 11th which will include a slumber party, white elephant gift exchange, Christmas movies, and pranks for the suckers who fall asleep first which hopefully won't be me.

- 3rd Christmas will be celebrated w/ Danny's fam on the real Christmas day. Festivities will likely include fort building, playing in the snow, snowboarding, skiing, and a Christmas Talent Show.

- I fly to Okla on the 26th to play with the Browns!! yay!!

- 4th Christmas will be held sometime on or after the 26th with the Brown's which will include a Christmas play and sibling gift exchange

- We are most likely going somewhere really cool in February but I must spare the details until we know for sure!

Now just gotta get through our (collective) 8 finals, writing portfolio, and research papers!!