Saturday, January 19, 2013

Running Across Utah Lake

5 miles of pure terror. 
I still can't decide if this was a good idea or not. 
It made running soo fun-- definitely added an extra element of adrenaline. 
We kept telling ourselves that Utah lake is usually only like 5 feet deep anyway.. right? 
I relied on my experience of wakeboarding utah lake--a few times when I have crashed, i have literally been able to stand up. So we were just praying that if we fell in, it would at least be at one of those parts. 
Did not enjoy seeing cracks in the ice. 
But they were pretty frozen underneath when we stuck our fingers in them. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Life according to my phone

Outdoor ice skating @ the gallivan center. Loved the fire pits. 

snow shoeing (actually more like hiking) Rock Canyon

battling the most frigid winter I have yet experienced

mas snow shoeing with this fun fam

hanging tonight-- went shopping and to olive garden courtesy of giftcards from christmas! Thank you Masters for olive garden and Brown's for our new outfits from express!

Mongolian grill last night.. delish!
Annnnd more snow shoeing! 

That is all. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Snow Shoeing

It snowed literally every day for like 12 days. 
And it has yet to get above freezing. I think for like 20 days. 
Why do we move to this state??
At least its so pretty!

This hike took about 4 hours. Was kind of steep going up-- and awesome coming down. We put trash bags on and slid down on our bellies.

Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Highlights

What the heck. New Years crept up on me! Here is our year in review. Here's to 2013 being as sunny as 2012! 

January: Key West 

February: D into dental school

March: Beach time

April: Bahamas cruise

May: Sissy comes to visit!! 

June: left our beautiful sunshine state

July:floated the Great Salt Lake 

August: Bear Lake 

September: Off roading through the changing leaves

October: trip to Phoenix

November: Thanksgiving with Masters

December: snow.. it had been a while.