Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bienvendio a Miami

We have a home! And we couldn't be happier. After a rough rough weekend, and staying in some seriously questionable motels, we finally found a place to call home for the next few months anyway. We feel SO lucky to be staying where we are staying for the price we are paying. After we got here, we realized that if we wanted to live somewhere where crack was not being sold, it was going to run us between $900-1300 ish. Ouch! Fortunately, we found an apartment for $700 (a foreclosure) that is right across from the beach, Trump Towers, and a billion cute restaurants and shops. We also have a pool, shuffle board, and fitness center and airmattress (thanks again parents!) So... we welcome any visitors! I haven't had time to snap any pics yet but we are seriously loving our new place. We also scored a TV from a neighbor and a free couch from the apt manager. Life is good!
A few other updates, we are having my parents babysit the jeep while we here-- it was not handling the 40 hour drive well, so we picked up a nice used silver malibu from my padre on the way here :) I can't tell you how much I love having AC.
I was planning to take the LSAT in October but after a hectic few weeks, lack of studying, and several conversations w/ BYU/the U I am holding off until December and applying for next fall.
I wish I spoke Spanish. I think more people here speak it than English so Danny's having a ball brushing up on his ol' espanol.

Hopefully we'll get some pics up of the new place. Cheers!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lake Powell

We are in Miami! After sweat and tears (literally) we finnnnally found a place to live, but i'll save that for the next post since we haven't technically moved in yet.

The week before we moved here we went to Lake Powell with the Masters clan and it was just delightful. Corny, but in our dating days Danny and I fell in love on the red rocks under the moon at Lake Powell and it's nostalgic every time we go back.

Always a pleasure hanging with the Masters!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things to do

I was just looking through an old young women's binder that I had when I was a beehive. It was given to me when I was 12 and I filled it with little notes and talks and things throughout the years. Basically a journal.
I found a funny list I made when I was 13. At the time, I'm sure I thought the age of 25 was ancient.

"What I want to do before I'm 25" by Amber the 13 year old.

- learn a language fluently
- graduate college, and probably more school than that.
- sky dive
- live on the beach for AT LEAST a year
- get married
- have two kids, one boy and one girl (as if I have control over gender.. haha)
- buy a house with a circle window, balcony, and wrap around porch
- own a jeep or truck
- publish a book
- travel outside the united states of america
- make all A's at least once
- learn to play the guitar
- direct a play
- go on a cruise
- go to a church college at least for a little while
- become an interior designer, lawyer, architect, or doctor
- get good at slalom skiing and wake boarding

Oh dear 13 year old self, I hope I did not disappoint you. It's actually a little eerie how much of the stuff on my list I did accomplish, without having looked at this list in 10 years.
Tomorrow I will be 24 which means I have exactly one year to have two kids, publish a book, finish all 3 years of law school and direct a play. I better get busy.

5 Things that made me happy today

- My skirt flowing up when I ran downstairs
- Drinking a diet coke in a mini can
- not one cloud in the sky
- swimming
- driving in the jeep with the windows down and the music up

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Princess Olivia

 This is Princess Olivia. 

 She lives in a fairy castle in Washington where she is the princess ruler over all the Washingtonians.
 One day, a villainous playground stabbed her in the finger with a splinter.
 Her fairy dad got the splinter out.
 Luckily, her magical fairy auntie saved her.
 Then, she went on a hike.
 Where she found her trusty steed, an inch worm named Ila.

 Whom she had to say goodbye to, because Ila had to go live with her family. It was a sad day for Princess Olivia.
 But once again, her fairy dad was there to save the day.
 Followed by a tickle session with her fairy grandmother.
 and a delicious triple x rootbeer which made all of her sadness disappear.
 She pondered over her eventful day.
 Then, her princess friend Ka Cheesh took her to the ocean.
 where she collected magical sparkly sea shells.

And then she lived happily ever after.

The end.

Friday, August 5, 2011


was in a word, lovely.
Lots of babies.
Lots of site seeing.
And lots and lots of delicious food.
It was SO fun to be with my fam. Why don't we live closer??
Some highlights: the Chittenden locks, Gasworks park, twin falls hike, windsurfing, swimming, and eating delicious food (namely homemade raspberry ice cream, heavenly hash brownies, giant root beer floats, dad's famous grilled chicken, coconut salmon curry... seriously i gained a hundred pounds).
It was fun hanging at Jess and J's cute cute house-- thanks again for having us!
And I will dedicate a whole other post to more pics.