Friday, January 9, 2015

Pregnancy Narcolepsy

I really can't complain much about this pregnancy. Other than getting a big belly and a little crazy and feeling the after effects of my fall, the only other real symptom I have had is sleepiness. Here are my top places I have fallen asleep:

1. Face-timing

2. Anytime I sit on the couch with Dan Man 

3. Post-7peaks sesh

4. Mid-sentence to Danny

5. In the middle of changing clothes- please note, I am wearing a swim suit in this photo, not posting undie-pics of myself.

6. While watching anything at all on tv:

7. While reading outside, sitting up.

8. Under the table during lunch:

9. Babysitting

10. Anytime I ride in a car: 

11. Mid-candy bar

12. On my exercise ball: 

This one is a little more fair, at least i'm in bed. Sleeping real hard:

Even Dan man is worn out from this pregnancy. 

Come on little beef cake! Make your appearance. We are well rested up for you.