Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ding and Dang Canyons

A couple of days after we got home from Florida we took a quick trip down south near Goblin Valley to hike Ding and Dang Canyons with my brothers. 
It rained a ton the night before so there were a few areas that were flooded that we had to swim and climb through.
We also ended up hiking it the wrong direction (we hiked up when apparently you are supposed to hike down the canyons) and lets just say it was a good thing there were 4 strapping men to hoist me up all of the rocks like a little mountain goat. There were so many moments when I thought there was no way we were going to make it but magically we did and me and the babe survived. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Florida Part 3

First day reunited with my one true love! I don't know how people do long distance on the regular. It was pretty much the most non fun I have had. 
Tried to squeeze as many beach sessions as we could between work

I had an oral argument in Miami so we took it back to our old stomping grounds and stayed with some old friends 

It hurricaned upon us on our drive and we discovered the car we had had a leaky sun roof.

I just stared at him every single day 

I literally almost passed out on our walk to get this grub. Worth it. 

Flew out of Orlando so naturally made a stop at Disney on the way

ate a lot of things with not a lot of regrets. Danny scored a deep fried snickers which was honestly a dream come true for him

had some pizza picnics

Summer Florida nights are for baseball-- the people we stayed with in FL had another guy staying with him who plays in the minors, super fun to go watch him. 

Our very last sunset on the pier by our house

Florida Part 2

My mom and sisters + spouses + babies came out for some beach time. And beached it up we did, all day every day. One day we took a ferry out to Anclote island and saw lots of dolphins and found some cool shells. We spent most of our time at Honeymoon island where we saw like 10 manatees one day. Also hit up Ft. Desoto beach park and found glorious sand dollars and saw sting rays.

Ahh I was in baby heaven

Ren was kind enough to sensor this picture for me:

Seriously there are not happier cuter babes anywhere on earth.

Ft Desoto 

Manatees at Honeymoon island-- we could basically walk right up to them but its technically illegal to touch.

It took me and my mom at least 8 tries to take one picture together, I may write an entire blog about it. 

There was a pier a couple of blocks from the house i stayed at which afforded excellent sunset watching each evening:

I am pretty sure this is the only picture I have seen with me and my two sisters. Too bad I look like clueless Morgan.