Saturday, April 27, 2013

Year One

Is Done and Done.

There were definitely times I didn't think I would survive. It was definitely 1L of a ride (hehe couldn't resist).
It's hard to celebrate since Danny is deep in the depths of finals land. He'll be done soon, and then we can party.

I seriously can't remember what my life was like before law school. I have been making the most of these days before law review write on starts/working starts the week after that.

5 loads of laundry! Scrubbed our house from top to bottom. threw away mountains of paper from school stuff this year, cleared out our garden/planted a few things, worked out in the park, went on a bike ride, played tennis, played guitar, and ended the day with a lovely picnic @ the park cafe rio style, + macey's cone with my one true looove.
And there were several, i mean several, moments today where I literally paced around the house twiddling my thumbs because I didn't know what to do with myself.

Hanging tomorrow, write on starts on Monday, then I'll be in southern California shooting an engagement session Tuesday/Wednesday. Good times ahead!
Annnd picnics are way cooler when this little tags along!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Work Hard

This picture is sitting on one of our desks @ our house.
I just like to think about this lady. I like to think about how different our lives are. 
This is what she does every day-- all day. This picture reminds me to work hard. The morning I took this, we were walking through a little neighborhood (I guess that's what you call it? Shacks where a few farmers lived that happened to be near each other). They were all outside. Some brushing their teeth in a stream. A few little kids running around.
I'm jealous of how simple her life seems.
And that she gets to be outside.
I wonder if she would be jealous of me? Would she think my life is simple? 
It also makes me feel glad to be in law school. What an opportunity it is to earn an education.
It often blows my mind how we can all be on the same earth, and yet experience it so differently.

Last weekend

It's 12:45ish on a Saturday night. Most of my friends/people my age are just getting home from a super fun saturday night out (some even just leaving for the night out, ha).
Not me! Tonight I studied. And it was good

Finding joy in the little things:
Is studying all day and night on a perfectly perfect saturday my 1st choice of things i would want to do? probably not. But I've made the most of it, hanging with myself all day. 

Things i loved about today: 
1. calling discovery "disco" when i took practice test or reviewed it in my outline. (for my civil procedure class) 
2. drinking more dr pepper and diet coke than any one human being esp of my size and stature should consume 
3. re reading this post and noting that i wrote "statute" instead of stature-- evidence that i have actually been studying civil procedure all day (statute of limitations.. relates back theory.. anyone anyone) 

So thats all I have to say. We can still have fun even though we are doing boring stuff. 
The end.