Friday, January 29, 2010

Click Click wooooo

This month = stressful on the finances!

FIRST The 2nd week of school, we found out that Danny's tuition wouldn't be covered because he had too many credits (being a business major + dental school prequisites = a million credits) so we had to figure out how to magically come up with $2200ish. Plus BYU insurance money = $500ish. Just in case you haven't had math in a while, my calculations are like $2700.

What to do? Check bank account. Approximately $0. Hmm.

Danny starts looking for a job.

I am already working 20 hours a week and am not allowed to work anymore on campus.

The thought of donating plasma again makes me want to kill myself. Literally. And I hate the plasma scar on my already hideously scarred right arm (due to wake boarding accident). Can't do it. Won't do it. Plus the place that I use to go to got shut down. And that just feels sketchy.

Oh, and with too many credits, you can't qualify for a loan. So.. $2700 on a credit card? Sounds fun.

pregnant? $5000. I don't think i even qualify for credit cards with $5000 on them. I have used a credit card like once in my life. I hate them.

Danny's computer dies. Can't do most things in the business school without one. $700. SON OF A.

FOURTHRent due. Gas & electric bill due. Changing the bill from our landlords name to ours: $100. Freezing Provo winters gas bill: $60. In total with rent, about $700.

LAST Application for something secret and exciting which will be explained later, $150.

In total, we needed $2700+5000+700+700+150. Equals $9,250 ish. Almost 10K. This is where I go into a coma and stare at the ceiling. Like Cameron on Ferris Bueller.
Actually... thats not how it was at all. For some reason I just didn't really care, and felt like it would work out just fine.
So, we paid our tithing and our rent & utilities and crossed our fingers.
And then it all worked out.

first i wrote a petition to the financial aid committee at BYU and told them to give us money for tuition. And they did! +$2400

next After visiting the OBGYN: definitely NOT pregnant +$5000 (I have no idea how much it costs to have a baby. Somewhere near 5000 I guess? Not counting 18 years of feeding and sheltering the babe)

then Danny's wonderful parents gave us $650 towards his computer for Christmas.

oh yeah My boss was kind enough to hire Danny even though Danny is not a Sociology student!!

FINALLY I wrote a paper in October that most folks spend months preparing for by attending work shops and having a million people edit. It was due by 5:00 pm on some Friday in October. On said Friday, I found out about the entry and started working on it at 3:00 pm and turned it in by 4:50. I kind of forgot that I even entered because it was all so hurried. Yesterday, I was the recipient of $1800 for writing it! YEAHHHH. This is one reason you should pay your tithing.

The moral of the story is, writing skills are far superior to nun chuck skills. Being able to write somewhat well paid me something like $4200 this week. As Fantastic Mr. Fox would say "Click Click Wooo!"

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009's Greatest Hits

Things that happened this year

- Married my best friend
- Ran my first marathon
- Spent the summer in DC
- Went on my first cruise with said best friend
- Actually accomplished my New Years resolution of losing 10 lbs (a resolution I set yearly and never seem to manage)
- Visited the east coast's beaches. Not terrible.
- Got my first very own pair of snow shoes
- Got a beautiful black jeep. Well, only cause I married Danny. But I do love that vehicle. Quite the upgrade from Lexi aka death on wheels.
- Made straight A's. Again. Thus proving to myself that the first time wasn't just good luck.
- Became an Aunt again
- Moved out of the Riv. Which was a big deal for me.
- Went through the temple
- Got to watch my brother's and friend's ceilings.
- Visited the following states in some capacity or another: California, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Nevada (Vegas), Arizona, New Mexico, Virginia, Maryland
- Saw the Hoover Dam
- Went to 6 flags
- Lake Powell
- Turned 22
- Got 2 sweet jobs: being a research assistant and a teaching assistant.
- annual Zions trip. Never a let down.

Now, onto 2010. Since its been going on for a couple weeks now. Cheers.