Sunday, March 1, 2015

One Month of Max

I can't believe how much our sweet boy has grown in his first month of life. He really is the most tender little soul. We love him so much! 

He had some fun experiences his first month of life. We loved bringing him home for the hospital and being our own little family. Danny and I are definitely learning a lot about being parents and how on earth to take care of a newborn. 

Maxwell has had lots of visits from his grandparents, aunties and uncles, friends, and even great grandparents. He is  most alert in the mornings-- that is when we get the most smiles and laughs from him. He started smiling about 3 days after he was born. I'd read that when babes smile that young its usually just a reflex- but i swear he would gaze right into our eyes and smile back at us when we cooed at him! He is sleepiest in the afternoon and fussiest in the evening. 

He recognized Danny very clearly for the first time this week at 5 weeks. Danny walked in the room and sat down on the bed in front of Maxwell and his little face lit up with excitement and he started cooing. Melt my momma heart. I love those two so much. 

He is eating and gaining weight like a champ. He'd gained 1 lb at his 2 week check up and he is quickly growing out of his cute new born clothes which slightly breaks my heart. Fun to watch him grow but I wish he would just stay a tiny newborn forever! and yet, I do not wish that at all. Strange being a parent. 

He started taking a bottle much better this week which has really been a relief to me! We still have not given him formula, but its nice to be able to let Danny (or a nice auntie
 or uncle) feed him once in a while so I can go to school,workout, or sleep. 

He started cooing at us this week. He has been gazing at us and locking eyes for a few weeks now but the cooing is just too much! I die over his cuteness. 

He comes to some lawschool classes with me.My friends gush over him and he really is such a little Christmas ham during class. He just sits there and listens like a good little boy if he's awake but mostly he just sleeps on through them. I've been really thankful for professors who have worked with me and been willing to let me bring him to class or miss classes and make things up late. 

The kid really can sleep in any position. 

This outfit kills me! Hahaha. I love my little sunshine baby. 

Lots of naps this first month. 

Valetntines Day! Uncle Bryce watched Max while me and Danny went to a quick lunch date. We snuggled him all morning and all evening to make up for being gone. 

Meeting his best friend Romney 

Meeting his great-Gramsy and Pete!

Being loved on by Grandma Brown who saved us all by her week long visit of cooking dinners and staying up all night with us 

Maxwell's first walk! 55 degrees in January. Amaze.

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