Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yesterday Rules

Yesterday after a long day of work, school, paper writing, and studying, I came home to:
A home makeover!

Danny pulled out a bunch of plants that had overgrown our sidewalk (before we moved in, obviously) & swept of the walk way to our door

Scrubbed our screen door until it looked brand new

Scrubbed and cleaned all of the windows and window sills


did a bunch of dishes (and we don't have a dishwasher so that is a big thumbs up)

fixed our bed that keeps falling down

took out all the trash

cleaned all the counter tops

cleaned the bathroom

organized the laundry hamper

and organized all of our school stuff, back packs books etc.

What a doll!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Grief

Tried to take quiz at home. "Submit" button doesn't exist. Email professor. He is nice. He resets quiz. Must retake by 2 pm. Only have 20 minutes. Scurry to the building my class is in. Get out lap top. Internet not working. Try to connect. Still not working. 8 minutes left. Run upstairs of building. Lap top battery dead. Find outlet to plug into. Load computer. Stupid updates begin. Tell updates to suck it. 4 minutes left. Connect to internet succesful. Load blackboard. Load quiz. 3 minutes. Still haven't STARTED quiz. Quiz loads. 10 questions. Good think I did reading. Zip through questions in 1 minute 41 seconds. Scroll down.


Cry daily.

Go to class. Professor pat on head and say computers are hard. Retake hard copy of quiz. Don't fail 5% of grade.

Good day.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

25 Facts for 25 Years of Life

Happy 25th Birthday Danny!!

Here are 25 facts that you may not know about Dan:

1. He makes the bed almost every day

2. He LOVES cheesecake. If you don't know that about him, you probably should.

3. I often call him my garbage disposal. He is absolutely the least picky eater in the world.

4. He is quite the singer.

5. He swims like Flipper.

6. He is artistic

7. He now owns his first pair of skinny jeans.

8. Out of any meal he could choose in the whole entire world, he would choose spaghetti from the old spaghetti factory.

9. He is what you might call fashionable.

10. His closest friends are probably his family members.

11. He is always ready for a little adventure.

12. He is arguably the smartest person in the world.

13. He enjoys a tidy home.

14. He won 2nd place in his age division in the first triathlon he ever did.

15. He knows any "Office" quote at the drop of a hat.

16. He's pretty dreamy to watch slalom ski. Is that how you spell slalom?

17. He served his mission in Chile.

18. He helps translate (into Spanish) for Utah County

19. He basically single handedly put on Utah County Health Fair last year

20. He is in the presidency of the Dental Club at BYU.

21. He can walk a tight rope.

22. He is about the most helpful person I know.

23. He would rather be at Lake Powell than anywhere on earth.

24. He likes to go fast.

25. He is now a quarter of a century old!!

Happy Bday Dan the Man!