Sunday, November 23, 2008

Its Gettin Hot in Her'

This spring Danny and I went on what we thought would be a little hike. We at least had some peanuts and water in the car (which was quite an upgrade from previous adventures we have embarked on). After about 4 ish hours of hiking around in the rain and mud and rocks and mountains, we decided we were famished and headed back into town. We stopped at the store and bought lots of yummy things so that we could make some delicious orange chicken. Some of our items included ice cream and a pineapple (for dessert obviously), Orange sauce and a few spices for the chicken, including 2 very small orange peppers (thinking that we didn’t need a whole big pepper since there were only 2 of us eating the meal. So to be economical, we bought the small ones. It seems logical right?
We finally got home and started making our delectable chicken. As I was cutting up the peppers, my eyes and throat started burning. I thought maybe that was kind of normal, since I am really sensitive to onions. When I chop them up I cry like a baby and just like totally whig out all over the place so I thought I was just weeniery about peppers as well.
I started sautéing the peppers. My eyes and throat burned like never before. But to my surprise, Danny was freakin out now as well as they were cooking. Why wasn’t this a red flag to us?
We cooked up the chicken and added the sauce. We also had some rice and vegetables as well. It looked beautiful. We were quite an hungered seeing as how we hiked all day and hadn’t eaten.
We sat down to eat. I took a huge bight of chicken. So did Dan.
It really felt like smoke was burning out of my ears. My throat was FREAKING out; my eyes and nose were watering. I drank about a gallon of milk and water and consumed all the rice I could stand. When my eyes quit leaking all over the place I saw that Danny was whigging out as well (thus confirming that it was not an allergic reaction nor was I a total wiener).
That was the hottest dad gum pepper on the face of the earth. We found out later it is called a “Wild Desert Tepin” aka THE WORLDS HOTTEST PEPPER. Literally. Why do they even sale that at Albertson’s? Freak.
Luckily the night ended well—we had cut the pineapple in half and hallowed it out and put ice cream in. Now that was downright delicious and a perfect way to cool off our scorching blistering mouths.


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