Monday, January 31, 2011

Quick Update

Ahh. These past couple of weeks have been kinda crazy. Last week I worked on my photography skills, was a substitute teacher, receptionist, and truck driver! I flew out to Oklahoma and then drove a truck out to Wyoming and flew back to Provo. Twas fun to spend time with my fam and a few old friends.
We moved out of our apartment this weekend and our spending our last few days in Utah up in Danny's parents condo in the mountains. We are so thankful for our friends that have let us store all of our crap in their homes! We leave for China on Sunday! We'll be teaching at a trading school near the city of Chongqing. More updates to come.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello Goodbye

A few things remembered about 2010: (by month)

January: snow shoeing with busby every weekend, being scared of the crazy lady who lived next door
- weekend getaway at Solitude, lots of snowboarding and playing in the pool. Also, a fire that sent us into the snow from 3-5am our last night there.
- hanging out w/ Anna when she was in town with pregnant Jen
- romantical first married Valentines Day

- picnics outside cause its finally not too freezy
- visit from our good friends the Shields
- feeling stressed about when the heck we were ever going to graduate
- baking a ton

- landing my job @ the church office building
- pulling a few April fools day pranks including hiding brothers car
- being very angry at it snowing


 - ate year old wedding cheesecake. which might not taste as good as it sounds.
- went to Heaths wedding @ checked out the Manti temple
- celebrated our 1 year anniversary in Vegas
- moved into our new apartment!!! yay

- ran the crap out of my second marathon
- hiked Zions
- Lake Powell trip
- Danny's little bro came home from his mission

- loved the 4th of July
- rock climbed
- visited the Mona rope swings
- went to my first rodeo
- boated @ east canyon
- played @ yuba lake
- i turned 23! so old
- saw jack johnson and john mayer in concert
- derek left on his mission
- danny did the jordanelle triathlon
- Danny did the dirty dash with some friends in our ward and bryce
- and he turned 26!
- labor day camp out and utah lake boating
- big springs hike to check out the amazing fall colors
- saw a real life luchador
- momma brown came to play
- ran the halloween half marathon with bryce and we dressed up as peach and DK mariokart kind
- halloween parties with our friends
- went to Goblin Valley
- got my wisdom teeth out
- lost 15 lbs as a result
- spent thanksgiving with dannys family
- Kim got married!
- an unexpected trip from Jaron, Jess and the babes!
- graduated from BYU
- spent Christmas with the masters followed by a trip to Oklahoma to play with the Browns
- finished my job at the COB
- took a billion pics with our new camera
- Christmas slumber party with our friends

2010 was an alright year. I have a feeling 2011 will top it.
Things to look forward to in 2011:
- family vacation with the Browns
- not being at BYU anymore
- starting dental school in the fall (Danny)
- taking the LSAT and applying to law school (amber)

oh yeah, and....
leaving for China in February!!! We are so excited!! We will be back at the end of June. We are teaching Business English at a university in China, wish us luck!