Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5 Year Anni

When me and Dan man got hitched, I made him promise that we would go somewhere every year for our anniversary.  

Honeymoon: Cruised to Mexico
Year 1: Vegas
Year 2: Zhangjiajie, China
Year 3: Cruised to Bahamas
Year 4: Goblin Valley 
Year 5: We decided since this was the big 5, we'd split it up into 2 celebrations. Part I: St George/Zion National Park (has sentimental value for us-- where we started dating) and Part II in Florida (I'll be there for an internship this summer).

We loved our hotel that has become our tradition every time we go down to St. George-- with an indoor outdoor pool. 
We hiked the East Rim @ Zion. 
We shopped. Our theme quickly became 'treat yo'self!'
We decided it was so fun we went back this weekend with Danny's fam. 

Cheers to 5 years of bliss! I can't believe how fast its gone. Love that guy more every day.