Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Florida Part 1

Florida was a good time-- if I wasn't busy working then I was at the beach and thus not making time for the blog. I'm not going to edit any of these iphone pics, but just wanted to share what FL was like. I spent the first few weeks by myself then had some lovely visitors later.

My summer office:

Spent most of my evenings here: 

What my morning commute looked like: 

 Got a bike while I was out there and found this primate sanctuary in my neighborhood:

Fell in love with Honeymoon Island and its cute swings, fab beaches, and free little library.

Basked in beach treasures on the daily:

My little bro got sent to Ft Myers one weekend so I drove down and we beached it up

This beauty walked up to me on the beach to tell me "happy flag day." 

Loved hitting up Clearwater beach. So crowded, but fun to see and meet people from all over the world. Wished I'd had my DSLR on this day- I thought the lighting looked so pretty on this lady. I also felt somewhat creepy taking her pic.

 Annnnd I did this by myself almost every night:

And the office, which I should have put at the beginning of the post but I'm most def not going to take the time to rearrange it. 

Part 2: hanging with the fam damily!