Monday, March 26, 2012

I promised...

I promised a little surprise. And I think I got many of you a little too excited based on the number of texts/calls/messages I received.

I have been working on this:

a little blog devoted to our photography passion. We have been busy busy with photo shoots and editing and are excited to display a little bit of our work.

I apologize for the neglect of our family blog. But when you live in the sunshine state...the last thing ya want to be doing is sitting behind a computer all day. My computer time has been occupied with the editing pics.

That is all. Cheerio.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Danny's spring break was awesome. And by awesome I mean, I basically worked the whole time whilst he was ill in bed the whole time. And it rained. Almost everyday. We did finally make it across the street to the beach on Saturday so that was happy.

My spring break was considerably more enjoyable, though the week after Danny's which means he didn't get to hang that much. Luckily there are fun girls around here who will oblige. We biked, longboarded, ran, played at the beach, worked out at the park, played at the pool. An all around good time despite a couple of rainy days. Certainly more enjoyable than working and or studying for the LSAT which has been my life since August.

We feel really lucky to be living in Miami and feel like the time is flying by, especially now that Danny's schooling really is winding up. We love our friends here, our apartment, and mostly, the beach. We feel like life is really on the up and up-- Danny into dental school, I've had several law school offers (just waiting to hear from BYU and the U...) Life is good.

 I have been working on a sneaky project that I will share with you soon, so stay tuned.

FHE this week

consisted of watching "the office" and "parks and rec" on the beach followed by a free, yes free bloomin onion at Outback. And that friends, was a happy monday.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Things Seen in Miami Today

Today was about as perfect as any Saturday can get for me. I slept in a little, jogged to the beach with some friends, played at beach all day, got some subs for lunch, played at the pool with friends all afternoon. Came home, read a little, went back to the beach for a run and worked out at the park. Did a little grocery shopping which resulted in several free products. Not bad.

To top off my top notch day, I also beheld the following things on my way to and or from the beach today:
 - a toothless and leather skinned man with a hand held boom box standing in the bus stop blaring Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" and giving us a hearty fist pump as we ran by
 - a thick woman checking out in front of us at the grocery store wearing a thin white sports bra... sans shirt
- a nice 70-something european furry and large man walking down the busy street wearing a red speedo approximately 3 sizes too small.
 - a Denny's worker practicing his round house kicks in the middle of a very busy street and sidewalk. We missed the round house kick, but here is a video of the scene: [its the guy standing ridiculously close to us]


 Thank you Miami for your shameless entertaining ways. Three cheers.