Thursday, November 28, 2013

I am thankful for my crazy family

Danny, Aly, and James. Oh these three. I would not have survived law school without them living so close. 
Aly: is SO thoughtful. She's usually one of the first people up after dinner, taking dishes, etc. 
Danny: has taken care of me since birth. He is upbeat, easy going, and tender hearted.
James: is the happiest little boy in the whole world, and his presence just makes me happy. And he's crazy smart. And he says "sup?"

Pepper: no one else on earth understands my love for sea treasures the way she does. She is one of the most creative people I know. I think she feels things more than other people & is thus very cognizant of how other people are feeling. 

Duaine: is arguably the funniest person I know. He is not afraid to say what he thinks, which is great because usually whatever he says is dang hilarious. He is also probably the most compassionate person I know and has spent his entire life (at least since i've known him) in the service of others. 
Debbie: I have never heard a complaining word come out of this woman's tongue. I don't know if she just doesn't feel pain... but I doubt it. I have never heard her even say about thing about a person, ever. She is the sweetest most precious mother in the whole cotton picking world. 

Jaron: is just freaking cool. There is really not much that he doesn't do-- surfing, wind surfing, photog, skating, etc. And he is good at everything he does without trying. And I really don't think he's afraid of anything. 

Bryce: He puts others first, he's a freaking fast runner, and he's just kind hearted. He's the most loyal person on the earth. There have been a few times, ahem, in my adult hood where I have been scared being home alone. bryce is the man I call up to come protect me. Also tonight he played a dancing game with me and shook his hiney and that was awesome.

Mine sis-a-roll! No one on the earth understands my craziness as much as her. I can be the weirdest weirdo in the whole world and she just giggles with me. Plus she's basically my bff and i can't go longer than like a few days without talking to her. Plus she is the most nurturing person I know. 

Evan: any man willing to put up with (in his words) "the insanity sisters" deserves many blogs, gold stars, and high fives. He's patient. He takes care of things. He sings good, he is creative, he has great style, his knowledge of music artists is amazing, and he's just the type of person you respect. 

Derek: my bro. Look at those lushes locks. Derek pretends to be tough on the outside but is prob my most tender bro. Sorry to oust you D. He is tight- up for anything almost anytime. I could call him up to longboard at midnight, and he would go. He is a genuis, really. Aaand he can be weird like me and chelice and that is also appreciated. 

I think Archie is best described by the kind of dad he seems to be. Caring, patient, creative, and easily the most non-judgmental person I know. 
Ren: has great style, chubby cheeks, and is all around snubbly. 

Jess: sweet Jess. I have never heard her speak an unkind word. She is happy. She is kind. She is beautiful. And she is down for a good time! Despite having lots of cute babes, she somehow figures out how to make it out of her house for fun adventures, with or without Jaron  (hiking, laking, etc). 

Olivia: (Jaron and Jess's) sweet and thoughtful! On this day we spent at the beach in WA she spent the whole day collecting perfect sea shells for me. 
Warner and Buster (for lack of more recent pictures)
Warner: I know I shouldnt have favorites, but Warner has been one of my favorite humans since he was born. He is chill, he is sweeter than sweet, he is easy going, and is just all around pleasant. 
Buster: is HILARIOUS. He is silly, goofy, fun, and sweet. 

Hope: is the happiest, friendliest, prettiest, ever. She is not afraid to be silly, AND is also gorgeous, tall, athletic, and suuper smart. Mostly when I think about Hope, I think about giggling with Hope and it makes me so happy. She is just happy happy and it makes everyone happy. 
Mckenzie: is a breath of fresh air. She is quirky, she is creative, she constantly thinks about other people and how to make them feel loved, annd she is a total babe. And she's athletic and she is dedicated to anything she does. 

Matt: is just cool. He's good at everything he does, is humble about it, and is easy going.
Bree: she is suuuper super super nice. Not like the kind of nice that you could say about lots of people, but like, really, always nice. She is kind and warm and welcoming.

Mike: like Jaron, is brilliant at every single thing he does. I really don't know if I have ever played a game with him where he didn't win. He is an amazingly hard worker, but also knows how to play (i.e. lake powell above) and I definitely have better pics of him than this one- but I love this pic because right before it was taken, Mike and Tam were singing some crazy song on the pa system together. 
Tam: is so inspiring. She loves everyone, lives life fully, works hard- but puts family first. She is by far the most well balanced person I know. She is beautiful inside and out. 

And I save the best for last:

I am SO thankful for Danny. 
I can attribute almost anything good that has ever happened to be in the last 6 years to Danny. 
He is so thoughtful. He is so supportive. He is so giving. He is so fun. He is so handsome. He is so down to do things- like jump on a plane to crazy 3rd world countries with not much planning invovled. He grows the best beard I have ever seen. He is good with his hands. He has a kind heart. He looks at the world with pure eyes- always giving people the benefit of the doubt (unless you suck at driving- but, really the only exception). He plays the piano amazing and it melts mine heart. He puts up with having a wife that is always at law school, He NEVER complains. I love you Danny! There is no one else I would want to do this life with. 

Happy Thanksgiving!