Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Mexicans

Got to take a last minute roadie to NM to see Grandma Boyd! 
She has had approximately 5 billion surgeries in the last month including a hip replacement. I couldnt believe how easily she was getting around! Glad we got to see her and meet up with the mom and the sis! We had fun eating delicious mexican food, hiking around, chatting it up, and laughing at basically everything that comes out of Uncle Tom's mouth. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to do Valentines Day without your Lover

Step 1: pump a little iron. So that you can justify the rest of the night. ...

Step 2:Bake a batch of brownies. Eat the batter. 
Step 3: Eat ice cream while you wait for the brownies to bake. 

 Step 4:Snuggle up with an exciting book, like "Structures of the Constitution."

Step 5: Eat brownies and ice cream. While watching all the shows you missed this week. 

Come home soon Danny! My weight depends on it!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Good Reminder

I've been feeling the winter blues lately. I just belong outside and in the warm and thats all there is to it. So being cramped in a library while it snows and ices and blows -10 degree outside makes me a grumpy gus.

Tonight me and Dan were chatting about what our life was like last year around this time. This was around the time when Danny got into dental school and I got into law school. But before that... we were so nervous about what the future entailed and so fearful we wouldn't have the opportunities we have now.

I remember feeling MAJOR weight that had been on my shoulders (and had been there since we got married and both decided to go for dental/law school) was FINALLY lifted. So glorious. Truly, glorious. Applying to  dental/law school seriously has been the most gratifying experience I think I have had with Danny. We've had  to work ridiculously hard and rely on each other and have faith in each other and selves and it paid off and I feel like strengthened our marriage so much. I  hope I never forget how immensely grateful I was/am to have the opportunity to get a legal education.

So when I am stuck in the library late at night on a Friday I will remember where I was a year ago and I'll be grateful for what an opportunity I have being able to earn this education. It really is so amazing and I feel so grateful to be where I'm at. I love my fellow students and the law and I'm read-ay to rock. And I know summer will come soon so I will quit being a  baby.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Coming to terms

Old life:

new life: 

Please understand what an accomplishment it is for me to even show up to law school every day.