Sunday, February 28, 2010

Emergency Preparedness?

David Wallace: Did you shout "fire," causing a panic?
Dwight: Yes I shouted fire. I shouted many things. I also shouted instructions on how to get out of the building so you can imagine my frustration, as safety officer, when nobody would heed of, would heeded, heeded of--
Michael Scott: Headed of--
Dwight: When no one would take headed of my instructions.
Michael Scott: Heed. Take heed.
Dwight: I don't see my co-workers--
Michael Scott: Take heed of--
Dwight: --heeding this. Right now.

This weekend Danny's parent's took up to Solitude to play for the weekend. Yesterday was a full day of skiing, swimming, hot tubbing, topped off with a delicious steak dinner. When we got back to our hotel, we were pooped! We crawled into our soft warm bed and crashed watching the Olympics followed by some old school James Bond.


What the devil is that sound? Danny turn off the alarrrrm.
My heavy eye lids somehow managed to separate and I saw Dan's parents hastily throwing clothes on and calmly telling us to put on our jackets and shoes. I didn't feel like going outside so I just closed my eyes again.

OH! Thats the fire alarm! Baaah! I shot out of bed, grabbed my jeans and started kind of running around in circles trying to think of what I was suppose to be doing. I managed to find my phone, jacket, and pants, and we all tiredly and grudgingly walked out the door and down the stairs.

There was a lady in the hall shouting a blood curdling "SWEEEETHEAART!" to (I assume) her husband which when told by Hope, I couldn't help but laugh.

We should probably have been more worried than we were. But we were sooooo tired.

They had all the hotel guests stand outside, in the mountains, at 3 am. Several guests had made a hasty exit from their rooms without shoes. And one old man was in his boxers, boots, and jacket. Bringing sexy back.

Once I finally woke up standing outside, I started thinking about things I wished I would have saved. Danny's brand new lap top, my lap top, car keys, etc. Dang. But, we were all safe.

Eventually they put us all in a bar across the street and gave us apple cider, hot chocolate, & goodies, and we were all playing pool and watching tv. It was more like a party and less like a fire.

I still think it is funny how mellow we all were, when people around us were kind of freaking out.
Everything turned out good, we were safe, all of our stuff was safe, and we even got to go back to sleep around 4.

Next time I will think a little faster about what I would save from the fire.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today I went to the store to pick up some good ol' toilet paper.
Today I left the store with: red vines, girl scout samoa cookie ice cream, and brownies.
None of which are on my diet.
And I forgot toilet paper.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Little Things

Man. It's the little things that really make the biggest difference. Today I had job interviews, a luncheon with a renown Sociologist from Univ Michigan, and a dinner with some prevalent church leaders. Point being, I had to wear heels and a skirt today.
Anyone who knows me, knows I don't function well in heels.
As I was slowly (and loudly) clunking my way to the SWKT this afternoon, this man held the door for me even though I was still really far away. Made my day.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What the heck is going on!

Seriously universe?? You are amazing!!

Let me preface this email with my day today. I am taking a snowboarding class and successfully performed my first 180 switch ride today. Yeahhhh. Oh, and our friend Justin made this radical video for us for our Amazing Race application which you can watch on facebook.

Like seriously I have been more accepted in the past month than probably my entire life combined.
You may need to brush up on my previous post but money just started raining in on us last month like manna from heaven. Not that we have an excess of money, we actually just barely got by last month including all the wonderful grants we received.
This week, not so much money oriented just way weirdy. One professor nominated me as an "outstanding student" in the Sociology department and so now I am going to like this conference to speak to a bunch of affluent people (including several general authorities!!) on my experience at BYU and the research I have been doing. They also asked me to give the opening prayer. HAHA. Outstanding student? Really? I will have you know that my GPA in high school was like a 2.9 or something. Seriously. Now its almost a full integer higher.
Next, another professor nominated me for what is called the "President's Leadership Counsel" where basically I meet once a month with the President of BYU (Cecil L Samuelson..) and other people who have donated lots of money to BYU and will now be my "mentors" whatever that means. There were only 10 other students out of all of BYU that were accepted from the nominations received.

Hahahahaha. I just can't stop thinking thats funny. And exciting! Feels good not to be the dumb one anymore.

So, hopefully our luck will continue and we can get on the Amazing Race. Watch ouuutt.

Oh yeah, and we MIGHT have just scored an apartment way closer to campus and $100 less a month.