Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Memorial Day.

This Memorial Day was a rainy one. We both had the day off, and wanted to spend it the best way we knew how. So, we went up Rock Canyon and decided to hike as far as we could, then when we got tired we would just turn around. No big deal. Love to have little adventures like that.

We started walking. We walked for about 45 minutes when we found a little slot canyon to our right. It looked like you could only go up maybe 20 feet and I was just planning on going up that far and I figured we would just chill and sit on a rock or something and enjoy the scenery. I should have known that is not how our adventures go. Ever.

The Canyon ended up going up pretty high, to the top of the mountain in fact. Naturally, we had to see how far we could go. It had rained every day that week, including that morning so the ground was really muddy and slick. Also, it was covered in loose rock which doesn't make for the best climbing. We got about half way up and started to question our little side quest. We couldn't even really stand still because the ground was so steep and slick... a tad sketchy. But we figured we had already gone that far, we might as well sally forth because either way it was going to be a trick getting out of this thing. We climbed upward. I was the recipient of a few bruises from falling rocks. I felt ridiculously lame because i basically just let them hit me because i felt like i couldnt move without slipping and falling to my death on the rocks below.

There was about 3oo yards of snow that we climbed straight up. It was actually more pleasant than the muddy rocks. Then We came to the sketchiest of all places. The canyon narrowed a lot and came to a cliff on one side and we had to climb over this fallen tree that was hanging over the cliff. The ground all around was super slick. I lifted one leg over the tree and suddenly images of me bear hugging this stupid tree while it slided over the cliffs edge engulfed my brain. I quickly Jack Black style rolled over the tree only to find ground that was more slippery on the other side. I dug my fingernails and feet into the ground and scurried up the mountain side. I pushed countless numbers of trees and bushes out of my way and regrettably pulverized many of them as i clung on to them for dear life during the slippery parts.

We came to an end. It wasn't the top of the mountain but the shrubbery, mud, rocks, and other elements had finally all played to their advantage and there was no passing through. So, we sat there a while. Took this picture, and a few others. We looked at each other, took a deep breath, and started making our way down the canyon. I felt a little sketch at first, like... there were times i really thought we might be in some trouble and we didnt have cell phones and there was no one around for miles. But it actually was really fun! We just slid down the whole mountain side and got nice and dirty. Then, it started raining, but that just made it more fun and more slick so we could slide faster.

Oh yeah.. then it started hailing. It hurt.

Then I fell on my hiiiney. And i have a huge bruise. It hurts to sit.

The end.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Took a little roommate bonding trip down to Moab this weekend. Some highlights: Hand stands in the car leads to...
the officer was suuuper impressed
everyone thought we were hippies

yoga. essential to give the europeans a show and roommate bonding.

you can sleep anywhere after a trip like that.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Where are your pants Joe?

Another Spanish Fork Hot springs adventure occured about 2 nights ago. My 2 roommates, and our 3 boyfriends attended. We had a splendid time.When we got out, I didn't want to put my shorts on because I am not a fan of hiking with a soggy bottom. So i threw on my hoodie, tube socks, and shoes over my swim suit. We came home and pulled in the parking lot. It was around 1 30. I needed to take Danny home. I had my keys in my car, and was feeling too lazy to walk up the 3 flights of stairs in order to go get my purse containing my wallet, driver license, and various other assundry items. We jumped in my car and I successfully took him home. He had warned me previously that day that cops chilled around his new apartment complex as a doughnut shop, so on the way home I was especially careful to obey all traffic laws.
I spotted a police car parked a little ways in front of me. I was driving the speed limit (15 mph) and I made sure to stop for a ridiculous amount of time at the stop sign a head. Before I knew it, lights were flashing in my rearview mirror.

And I thought what any normal person would think when they are getting pulled over.

Freak. I am not wearing any pants.

And of coarse it was a girl cop who was out with something to prove.
"Can I see your license and registration please?"
"... you sure could, if I had it. Giggle."
"Do you think this is funny?"
"Kind of."
"I am going to need your name, social security number, birth date, and the state your license is from."

She waddled back to her car with my information while I continued to frantically search for my registration. Couldn't find it.
More flashing lights. Another cop car pulled up behind her. What the heck did they find when they ran my name through? Am I going to jail? They chilled back there for seriously 45 minutes. That is no exaggeration. I was getting a little cranky. I had just been on a hike, I smelled like sweat and sulfur, I was hungry, tired, and had to work a 10 hour shift in like 3.5 hours.
Finally the two cops came back up to my window.
"Did you find your registration?"
"Can you step out of your vehicle please?"

All the sudden I was very aware of the fact that I was not wearing pants. I looked down. I closed my eyes. I opened them back up. Blast. Not a dream.

I opened the drivers side door of my car. I stepped out.

Both cops laughed.

"You had time to put on tube socks but not pants?"

I told them of our adventure to the hot springs. Then, while I had them laughing at my expense, I thought it would be a good time to ask why the freak I got pulled over.

Apparently one of my head lights is out.

I don't know if they were planning on making me walk the line, or what the deal was with making me get out of the car, but they basically slapped me on the wrist and told me to not drive without a license and to get my headlight fixed, and then I was on my merry little way.

My message to you is that if you want to get out of a ticket, don't wear pants.