Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Present... Christmas Past

My ward Christmas party. I was 'Charlie Brown' in the play. Or Amber Brown.
We built a ginger bread fort.

This is the last Sunday of the semester, and the first time all of the roommates went to church together.

The rest are all from last year. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Some of these were taken early in the am at Utah Lake with Heather
This was a little berry tree just outside my kitchen window

The Family ( - Pep and Arch) and Temple Square, Unfortunately Dad is taking this picture as usual and is therefore not in it :( Relaxing after a rough trip to temple square (see previous blog post)

The magnificent Salt Lake temple

Rock Canyon Park

Provo Temple Nativity

My mom has owned this nativity for as long as I can remember. It is my favorite! I always loved playing with it (especially the little sheep) when i was little and... i still do. I was so excited that she brought it out to Provo when my family came.

Monday, December 1, 2008

360s on i 15

At about this time last year, Danny and I decided to go see the Christmas lights at Temple Square. It had been nice and snowy so as to add to the Christmasy atmosphere. What a perfect time to go. So, we jumped in the jeep and hit the road. As we were driving on I-15, we noticed a few slick conditions but nothing the jeep couldn't handle. Up a head, there were lots of cars stopped and spun out and wrecked all along the highway. We gently cruised by, thankful we were not the poor schmucks that had slipped on the ice.
"Shoot." Danny mumbled quietly. (This is the edited version obviously)
"Whats wrong?" I didn't feel the tires spin on the ice.


Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. SHOOT. SHOOOT. SHOOOOOT!" (Still edited so as to keep a G rating)
These 'shoots' happened in sequential order:

'Shoot.' indicates tires spinning on ice

'SHOOT.' indicates losing control and starting to drift uncontrollably into another lane of traffic.

'SHOOOOT.' indicates the jeep beginning to spin around facing the wrong direction of traffic.
'SHOOOOT!' indicates the part where we were FACING traffic head on, 2 lanes away from our original lane of traffic.

Thats right.

As the car turned I saw nothing but 2 big bright headlights from a semi truck (though Danny claims otherwise) right in my face. We were probably 15-20 feet in front of it. The jeep continued to turn so that we faced traffic head on for a moment, and then it continued rotating all the way facing the forward direction again... all the while keeping a nice steady pace of about 30 mph.
Some how we didn't get hit by a million cars. Danny quickly scooted into the far right lane where we proceeded onward to Temple Square at approximately 25 mph. On I-15.
I started dying laughing.

Danny's face was completely white as he gave me a death look. What on earth could possibly be funny right now?

That made me laugh even harder.

Better laugh than cry!
We arrived safely to Temple Square. I jumped out of the car as carefree as ever and started walking towards the Temple. Danny stopped me. "I need a hug." Oh... right. That was a tad traumatic. And being the driver was probably the scariest thing ever.