Sunday, July 5, 2015

America's Birthday

My FAVORITE holiday. This was the best one yet. Everything is more exciting when there is a bebe around.

We started the weekend off right by taking a quick day trip to Bryce Canyon. Then Friday we woke up early and saw the balloon fest-- a million hot air balloons. (which apparently is like a sport? people watch them land on certain marks and cheer and such. I seriously could not believe how many people were awake and out and about at 6am. We spent the gloriously sunny day at Seven Peaks and then hit up Provo's Freedom Festival at night with friends and ate way too many greasy sugary things.

Saturday we woke up and ran the freedom 5k. Kind of. (thanks jaron and jess for letting us use your registration!). We got stuck in traffic on the way there, so I ended up just jumping out of the car and running the 10k for about 3 miles until I could meet up with Danny who had parked the car. I veered off the race course and ran through a neighborhood (basically took a short cut) to meet him. And then we ran across the finish line and then hiked a mile or so to our car. So distance wise I still felt fine about wearing my medal all day, ha.

Afterwards we met up with some old friends up the canyon for breakfast. The weather was top choice and we loved seeing our babes interact.

In the afternoon we played in the inflatable pool and baked in prep for a BBQ at another friends that night.

Then, we BBQd, played ladder toss and volleyball, shot fire works, and then watched all the fireworks across the valley a top of the G in pleasant grove. It was pleasant. Then we stuffed our faces with smores, chilled by the fire, and called it a night. We were proud to have shown Max how to do the 4th properly for his first one. Though, he slept through all the fireworks.

Bryce Canyon

Danny had a week off from working in the clinic this week so we tried to pack in as much fun as possible.

We took a day trip to Bryce Canyon-- something we've been talking about doing for the last few months. It did not disappoint! Those hoodoos really are off the hook. Worth fighting the million degree heat and millions of bugs. We combined a few hikes-- Sunset point, peek-a-boo, and sunrise to make a 5 mile loop. Not bad. Max was a champ the whole time and our icey powerades were amaz-za-za-zing when we got back to the car. 

Uninterested in being confined in the wrap at first. 

the only fam bam photo we took the whole time :/

Danny wore the babe the second half of the hike. He got the short end of the stick since the second half was allll up hill and all switch backs. What a guy. 

gnarly switch backs that went on for days 

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