Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Come to Zion

Took a weekend trip to Zion Ntl Park with some old pals.

Observation Point. To my bottom left is Angels Landing.

On our way up Hidden Canyon

Danny faced his fear of heights by scooting along the edge of this windy cliff for a good 200 yards.

A good time for sure. Now... on to Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Poppa Brown!

Monday is my dads birthday. So here are a few facts you may or may not know about Duaine.

He used to make me oatmeal for breakfast every morning at 5 am and put it in a styrofoam (sp?) cup every morning so I could eat in on my way to seminary.
He ran 6 minute miles in 50 MILE marathons. And took 3rd place in one.
He has lost 25 lbs this last month and is going strong. He is the most tough minded person I know. If he sets his mind to it, he WILL do it.
He drives 1 1/2-2 hours (so techinically 3-4 hours total) every Saturday to work at the temple.

I have never once heard him complain. I know he has bad hips, knees, etc. and he has plenty to complain about, but I have honestly never heard him complain once in my whole life. about anything.

He is incapable of lying. For example, if he does not like your outfit, he will make sure you are aware.

He bakes bread every Saturday for the Sacrament and another loaf for us. And its the most delicious bread you will ever partake of.

He makes some seriously tasty roast, grilled chicken, delictable Christmas turkey's and hams. And periodically throughout the year, he will make a delicious Christmas turkey just because he wants it.

He is 73 and still has an amazing head of hair. And its pretty much all brown.

He has a twin brother and they have the funniest adventures from their child hood. Trouble makers.

He takes good care of people. He mows lawns & various other tasks for people who can't do those things for themselves. Even though he is always busy, he is always looking out for the needs of other people. Honestly, I think he is the most selfless person I can think of. He actively seeks ways he can serve others. He has been that way my whole life and I think that is what he will always be remembered for.
Did I mention he is high-larious?? The other day (this story related to me via Chelice) he came in and kicked his leg high in the air and said "that was my axe kick" and then walked out of the room. Also he recently accused my brother in law of wearing "fruit boots" because of some purple vans he was wearing.

He taught his kids the importance of work. I recall picking many weeds and Saturday chores all growing up, which wasn't necessarily fun, but I am grateful for that now.

He is witty and has a keen intellect. He often says things that are not only funny, but brilliant. He reads every morning (I am pretty sure starting at like 4 am)
He is very optimistic. Also... very realistic.

He loves his "buzzards", "turkeys" (all names for the various birds (which are actually sparrows, robins, cardinals, etc) and takes good care of them with the bird feeder.
He keeps a BB gun by the back door so that when the squirrel comes to get in his bird feeder, he can shoot it. He frequently catches the squirrel at opportune moments like Sunday dinner and is able to wail on the poor creature.
He has a great relationship with his mother and takes good care of her.
I want to be like him when I grow up.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDDDA! You are the beeeeest!!