Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

This is just a little vid of the last few beach days.  We'll miss being this close to the beach. Oh, and blogger is being retarded so you'll have to just click the links for the youtube vids :)  And you can thank the wonderful music licensing/copyright industry for not being able to view the Miami video on a mobile device.  Apparently they don't have enough money as it is...

Happy Easter from Miami!

And here's another to remember what's important today... (this you can view on a mobile device)

He is Risen!

 We had a dang fun easter weekend. Caught some sunrises/sunsets  moonrise, biking, running, snorkeling, swimming, and my personal fav, big wave tubing...except miami waves don't even slightly compare to Hawaii's especially pounders.
Took a 2 hour bike ride along the board walk today and topped it off with a fatty home made cafe rio dinner with our friends (pictured above). good times in miami. happy easter one and all.


Marianne and Brad said...

Um, JEALOUS I am not in that picture!! But glad you guys had a great time. See you soon!

Amber Masters said...

we totally should have photoshopped you in! come home pleeease! We miss you!