Sunday, September 28, 2014

My 10 Best Pregnancy Moments... So far

1. Crying during an Eminem song. I was out on a run and listening to the Dr. Dre station on Pandora (yeah my kid is going to come out a gangster, jealous) and Eminem's "I'm Sorry Momma" came on. There are some lyrics about his dad leaving his mom when he was 2 months old and I started BAWLING. "How could his dad just leave??" True pregnancy insanity.

2. Falling asleep at a red light during rush hour. First trimester is sleepy, am I right? In fact, Danny has started quite the collection of funny photos of places where he has found me asleep. (Under the table, etc)

3. Throwing up on a very crowded beach in Florida, by myself.
I was in Florida working for the summer and Danny had to stay back in UT for school. I would often hit the beach after work. On this particular day, I biked there. I brought an apple and string cheese (bc heaven knows preggies don't last longer than like 5 min without eating) so I biked to the beached, scarfed my snacks-- too fast apparently bc they came right back up. I tried to hide the fact that i was barfing by doing it between my legs and quickly buried it. Awk.
4. Passing out while standing in line at Cafe Rio. This was actually legitimately embarrassing. I was at Cafe Rio giving into my fat girl preg cravings. I was probably only like 8 weeks along and all the sudden I started sweating profusely. I was like "why in the name do they have it so hot up in here??" and then I looked around and noticed no one else was sweating. My hearing got weird sounding and then the girl at the register asked me if I wanted a drink with my meal, and then the next thing I knew there was some nice girl hovered over me with her hand behind my head, who had apparently seen my knees give out and caught me. So then a million people stood in a circle around me like a spectacle and then the Cafe Rio workers made me sit awkwardly in a chair in the middle of everyone. I did score a free meal and a drink so I guess that was worth it.

5. Sitting/laying down while standing in line for food at 7 Peaks bc I just couldn't bare to stand up any longer. Just kidding, I felt a faint coming on and so Danny made me sit down even though we were in the middle of a ridiculously long line with people standing all around. My favorite part was the irritable fat guy behind me that was standing like 3 cm away from me. I wasn't even annoyed at him; I can relate to how frustrating it is to have to wait in forever lines for food.

6. Peeing my pants while throwing up. I'll spare you the deets. But go hug your mom for carrying you for 9 months.

7. Peeing my pants almost every time I cough or sneeze. 

8. Getting stuck in a fence. Since my second trimester started, and I don't feel like I am going to pass out, fall asleep, or die anymore, I keep forgetting I'm pregnant. I know that sounds weird. But this is a good example. On my jog home from the gym, there is this little gap in between fences that I used to squeeze through to get home. I have to kind of sprint up this hill (technically a bridge overpass) and then just kind of dive through the gap. So, I sprinted up the hill, and started through the gap, and did not come out the other side. Sorry baby if I gave you brain damage by running my belly smack into the fence. It took legit shimmying and maneuvering to get out.

9. Crying BAWLING because I was too hot. One day this summer, I had been out running errands in the jeep which is bumpy and air condition-less. By the time I finally got back home, I was sobbing into Danny's arms about how hot I was. He didn't even tell me I was crazy, he just held me and let me cry it out. He will be such a good dad.

10. Polishing off full half gallons of Bluebell by myself. Yep. More than once. But when all other food makes your naus...what are you gonna do.

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